Friday, December 18, 2009

Obama Hasn’t Done ANYTHING For The Jewish Community To Earn Their Democrats Vote

Obama is hanging Israel out to dry!
Obama will have the opportunity to break the Israelis by allowing the Iranians to continue their atomic weapons program. Should Israel sit on its hands, then the balance of power in the Middle East will change and the next time Hizb'Allah or Hamas or both together attack Israel and she responds, the interaction will contain a nuclear-armed Iran.

Should Israel take preemptive actions against Iran, it will run out of war materials that have in the past been replaced by America on an emergency basis. Should President Obama refuse to make such a replacement, Israel will be in dire straits and be forced into concessions or be forced to use its own nuclear arsenal in its defense.

The strength of Israel can pass in a moment and Mr. Obama's goals of weakening it to the point of being unable to defend itself is an attainable goal. The only imponderable is Israel's willingness to destroy its enemies with it atomic weapons. Probably, with the betrayal of the World of the Jews again, it would decide to do that. Such a decision will have its roots directly in Obama's Oval Office.
Israel's prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu will not give in to Obama’s iron fist. Netanyahu will not tear down the wall so that suicide bombers will be free once again to strap bombs to their bodies laced with nuts and bolts and ball bearings and venture out into the public square in Israel and blow themselves up, taking as many innocent men, women, and children with them and think in the process that they will receive as their reward 72 virgins for themselves in paradise.
Obama goes all over the Mideast and snubs our allies but gives aid and BOWS to and gives comfort to those that hate us! Is this is what you call an American President?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Nancy Pelosi is taking at least two Air Force jets to Copenhagen

If this isn't Hypocrisy, than I don't know what is! Nancy whats her face is taking 2 - 5 Air Force jets to Copenhagen for the climate summit along with her her limousine liberal friends like Charlie Rangel... This pompous Marxist hippy festival goes on while our country piles up a a deficit like we have never seen before, enjoying luxuries like limos, private jets, and fancy gourmet food while claiming that the world is going to hell in a handbasket because of our consumption of WHAT? What a bunch of HYPOCRITES! Can anyone here tell me why Charlie "the Tax Cheat" Rangel is going?
And we hear Obama threatening us about the disaster we are in for if his crap sandwich of a bill is not passed. Nothing brightens my morning more than hope and change fading.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Howard Dean: I Won't 'Vigorously' Back Obama Re-election Bid

Pour some more butter on the popcorn . . . Yesterday, Obama press secretary Robert Gibbs took shots at Howard Dean and his opposition to ObamaCare, suggesting the good doctor didn't know what he was talking about. It was payback time this morning, as Dean announced that he would "not vigorously" back Pres. Obama's re-election bid. The former DNC Chairman expressed his tepid support for Obama, Part Deux on today's Morning. Once word spreads that he's transferring terrorists to Illinois the numbers will fall even further. The media can't even help him with that moronic decision because people know how they feel about it & no amount of spin will change their minds.
Look for Obummers poll numbers to do another swan dive now