Thursday, September 17, 2009

Maybe Serena Williams needs to have her Meds adjusted.

Sportsmanship? I wouldn't use tat word in the same sentence with Serena Williams!!!!!
In case you live under a rock, Serena Williams is the uncouth half of an amazing pair of tennis superstar sisters.
Perhaps she thought she could do that now that Obama is President. Just like no one can criticize Obama or they are a racist. Then this wee bittiy little line judge is obviously a Republican racist also.
Who the hell is she to tell a judge that she wanted to "shove a tennis ball down her throat"
Years ago when they first came on the scene I routed for the both of them because I’ve always loved the underdog in sports. They were the first blacks in many years to become a major threat in the world of tennis. But as time went by and their distinctly different personalities emerged, I realized that shall I say they were a bit Unhinged, arrogant, and nasty!
Venus Williams is a class act: quiet, respectable, professional and dignified.

Serena Williams is a retard: braggadocios, unsportsman-like, arrogant and LOUD SPOILED BRAT..
This lunatic in the guise of a female went BERSERK!! She started cussing at the judge and threatened to shove the ball down the judge’s throat. She was penalized a point and lost the match to Kim Clijsters. Where in the world of tennis has anything such as that ever happened before? Sure you can say that John McEnroe was arrogant, but he wasn’t nasty like this. He didn’t have shit-for-brains like Serena Williams.

All this because she saw she was on the verge of losing. And being the typical sore-loser and crooked player (one who uses tricks like intimidation to win), she threw out the biggest distraction she could think of. This makes me think of that other sore looser classless act, disrespectful, and unprofessional jerk Tiger Woods.
Fining her only $1,000.00 is like a slap on the wrist, they should throw her out of the Tennis Association for 3-5 years.
If these is one thing that I can't stand a whiney athlete, like her, Mike Tyson, Tiger Woods, or even that asswhipe OJ Simpson!
Yup, it’s official. Serena Williams is a PSYCHOPATH. And she probably voted for Obama.