Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Crowley gets a Budwiser, Hussein a Ramadan Root Beer, and Professor Gates a Colt 45 Malt Liquor.

Now what sort of beer might our name-dropping little snob victim Gates prefer? Some delicate pilsner micro-brewed and bottled in the "vineyard"? Sporting hand painted labels on hand-blown bottles? Poured into dry-chilled German mugs?

It started out as a casual suggestion: three guys working out their differences over a beer. But President Obama's offer to play host to the cop and the professor entangled in a debate over racial profiling now has the imprimatur of high-level diplomacy. White House aides are downplaying expectations that the beer summit that Obama suggested last week will produce a resolution.
What 0bama is hoping for: to get Gates to say he was a little too upset because the officer overreacted and to trick Office Crowley into saying he overreacted when he was just following procedure. Don't fall for it officer, it's a trap.
The major newspapers and media outlets are waiting to pounce on Office Crowley like a fox on a rabbit. One slip of the tongue and he's done. They want this policeman to be a racist ... so far, no such luck, but they'll keep trying to corner him. There's nothing to work out. This is not a feud. This is an arrest that has been resolved. Office Crowley need not apologize for anything.

Obama seems to think this is a feud. This is an occasion for Gates to issue an apology for his outrageous behavior.
Hopefully Officer Crowley will not fall for the set up to make him look like a bad guy and Gates as the poor mistreated black guy and BHO as mister wonderful.

Officer Crowley should decline the invitation.


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